• Escursioni 2024

    Explore Calabria with half-day tours to Capocolonna, Caporizzuto, and Le Castella, or full-day castle tours to Caccuri, S.Severina, and Le Castella. Experience the Sila's giants and Camigliatello all day or enjoy a 4-hour cruise at Le Castella, the Ionian Pearl, and the Sila train.

  • Prenota con Giulia : Massaggi Olistici Cirò marina/ Crotone

    Massage therapy offers blissful warmth that eliminates stress and tension, boosts immunity by removing toxins, and improves circulation benefiting heart and lungs. Giulia, a holistic operator, offers a variety of massages including Swedish, Californian, and more, each with distinct aims like relaxation, muscle decontraction, or mental-physical harmony, bookable via WhatsApp.

  • Villaggio S Cristina Gabriella

    PREZZI mese euro Giugno/Settembre 400 euro settimana .sconto intero mese Luglio: 500 euro settimana .sconto intero mese Agosto: 850 euro settimana (disponibile o dal 1/8 al 16/8 o dal 16/8 al 31/8 ) mese 2300 Prenotazioni  di n.ro  4  SETTIMANE:  Sconto  10%  –  Settimana  di ferragosto:   OBBLIGATORIO  abbinarla  alla  settimana  precedente  o  successiva.           I prezzi  comprendono  tutte  le  attività …

  • Crotone vacanza 2024

    Vacation apartments available in Crotone near the seaside, with options for 2 to 6 people. Ground floor studio for 2, includes kitchenette, washer, and A/C. Another apartment for 4/6 people has a living room with sofa bed, mezzanine double bed, kitchen with washer/dryer, and 2 bathrooms. A two-minute walk to the beach, the air-conditioned top floor apartment sleeps 3, has…

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